Photo Walking Tours Barcelona Best places, unique photos!

Explore the Barcelona Gothic Quarter secrets lead by a PhD Photographer.

Take your camera and enjoy the walking tour that leads you into the most beautiful medieval city of Europe. During the Photo Walking Tours Barcelona experience we will visit the small street of the Old City of Barcelona looking for unique details and ancient secrets hidden in this beautiful place:

Santa Eulalia Cathedral 

The Old City Entrance,

Placa Sant Felip Neri

The Old Jewish quarter,

Avignon Street                                                       

Placa Tripi

Placa Sant Miguel,

Passeig de Colon, port

Rout description.

Behind Santa Eulalia Cathedral (also known as Barcelona’s Cathedral) are a lot of stories. For example about Santa Eulalia, a brave, 13 year old girl, who sacrificed herself to preach Christianity in Barcelona. Today she is the co-patron saint of Barcelona and her tomb is inside the cathedral’s crypt. Her tomb is open for visits if you like. During our tour you will hear her name and our guide will reveal her secrets.

Also you will be lead in a place that mixes the tragedy of Spanish history with a romantic atmosphere. There we will admire a beautiful church built in baroque style  and we will see the living proof of the Spanish civil war. Today this is a peaceful place because of the beautiful light and the mix of shadows and shades. It is a perfect location for film makers and photo shooting sessions.

With Photo Walking Tours Barcelona experience you will have fun and you will discover interesting stories that you can capture in your photos. Will speak about Spanish traditions and how the local artists capture them in their work. Will visit small and intimate streets that portray the decadence of the Gothic Quarter. The Gothic Quarter will also reveal how a Spanish artist managed to become internationally renowned, many years ago. He is more then famous nowadays.

The Photo Walking Tours Barcelona wants to present all the contrast that Barcelona offers, then and in our daily life. We want to draw a sketch of its highlights so each participant at this tour can have a clear idea about the main history, utility, atmosphere and to be taught  to capture that beauty in a photo for a lifetime.

If you want to discover more about Barcelona Gothic Quarter and photography skills join us in this entertained tour. Contact us for more details.

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