Have a look in the most commune questions for Photo Walking Tours Barcelona activities. If your answer is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to make a previous reservation for the Photo Walking Tours Barcelona activities?
Yes, is mandatory to book our experience in advance and to receive our confirmation e-mail. In case you don’t receive our e-mail, please, get in contact with us to see what happened.

If you book for several persons at the same time is not necessary to mention their names and details. But  is necessary to mention the number of people and also to receive our confirmation e-mail. Will confirm your reservation for the entire group.

What if I arrive late?
As we work with previous booking, we have the participant’s list. Normally we wait around 10 minutes on the meeting point in order for everyone to arrive. In case you can’t get in time you can catch up, 1st stop is Barcelona Cathedral; also here you can see the route link/what we see

Do we’ll go inside of the tourist attractions, monuments?
No. We visit and take photos outside. In case you are interested to visit it you can do it later after de tour ends. The guide can help you with tips about  opening times, recommendation and small tricks depending on situation. In case you want a guided visited, we organize personalized tours. Just let the guide know your intention and stay in touch for following details.

How can I get to the Meeting Point?
Mercado Santa Caterina is in city center, in Born quarter, near to Via Laetana, here you have the map of Mercado Santa Caterina

You can arrive:

What camera is necessary to have?
In Photo Walking Tours Barcelona we don’t require a special type of camera. The one you have it, is just great; could be the one of your Smartphone or if you have a DSLR also great. If you have a semi-pro or a pro camera and want to learn something in particular just come on time at the meeting point and speak with the guide in order to see how he can help you.

What we need to bring?
More than your camera we don’t have any other requirement. Depending on you, we recommend to bring your bottle of  water & sun cream (in summer time) if you consider properly, or umbrella if it’s raining.

It’s involving a long walk?
Not so much but you must consider that is an almost 3 hours activity, most of the time you’ll stand-walk. If you can have a walk in to the city center then you are more than prepared to have this experience. We recommend comfortable walking shoes.

Wheelchairs are accessible in Photo Walking Tours Barcelona activities?
The wheelchair doesn’t imply any impediment. Are a few small inclines but never raised any problem.

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