Airport transfer
If you landed on this page is because you are interest into know how to arrive from Barcelona El Prat airport to Barcelona city center or vice versa.

Well, you have different choices, could be public transportation (metro, train, bus), Aerobus (Barcelona  Airport shuttle express) and taxi , below you’ll see the details for each one.

Taxi  around 30 € from T2 and 35 € from T1
If you prefer this option take in mind that you’ll have 25 minutes drive from Terminal 2 to the Barcelona city center and 30 minutes from Terminal 1. You’ll find easily the taxi line outside. Is not permitted to stop the taxi anywhere, go to the railed taxi waiting area. There you’ll see a staff member in high visibility jacket who direct you to your allocated taxi.
Taxi Fair from Airport T1 is around 35 €
Taxi Fair from Airport T2 is around 30 €
Is important to remember that additional taxes are added if is weekends, late night travel, during holidays. All surcharges are clearly displayed on a window sticker and are entered into  the meter by the taxi driver at the end of ride.

The Aerobus – Barcelona Airport Express Bus 5,9€/ person
The Aerobus is the Barcelona Airport express shuttle bus that takes you from the airport (terminal 1 or terminal 2) to the Barcelona city center or vice versa. Depending at which terminal you want to arrive, take A1 (for airport terminal T1) or A2 (for airport terminal T2). You’ll have a 35 minutes journey from PL Cataluña at airport with a frequency not more than 10 minute to wait. The price is 5,90€/ person.
From the airport is easy to see where the Aerobus stop because is a large blue machine where you can buy the ticket and nearly always is a bus waiting outside.
In to the city you can catch the Aerobus at:  Plaça Cataluña (the main station), Plaça Universidad, Grand Via – Urgell or Plaça España.

Where and how to buy tickets?
You can buy it:

For more details please check the Aerobus (pune te rog  sa fie nofollow link)

Local Bus – metropolitan transport of Barcelona (TMB)
Daytime – bus number 46
Nighttime – bus N16 & N 17
Bus number 46, runs from 4:50-23:50, 1 ticket cost 2:15 €
As you can see is cheaper then Aerobus but also you’ll have more stops. Is a regular bus in that case do not expect to have extra space for the luggage.
You can buy a singular ticket that cost 2:15 € or you can have a T10 (available 10 journeys) that cost you 9:95€.
You can catch the bus 46 to Airport from Plaça España. Take in mind that the square is pretty big and maybe you’ll need a few minutes to find the bus stop; you must look for Reina Maria Cristina Avenue. When the bus reach the station, ou need to make a sign with the hand in order to stop, also to ring the bell when you want to get off. If you choose that option, make sure you have enough time.
Bus N16 & N 17, runs  from 21:55-04:45, 1 single ticket cost 2:15€
If you need to do the transfer between Barcelona city and Barcelona Airport during the night you can do it with the local night buses.
N17 connects Barcelona with Termina 1 while N16 with with Terminal 2, consider that T2 bus continues to other destination outside the airport.
The bus runs with 20 minutes frequency and you can catch it from Plaça Cataluña. Also you can see the entire rout & schedule for N 17 (sublinitat si link no fallow: an N16 ( idem no fallow)
You can buy 1 single ticket with 2,15 euro/ person or also you can use T10 that cost 9,95 euro for 10 journeys . When the bus reach the station stop it with a hand sign, also when you want to get off you need to ring the bell.
The journey will take almost 1 hour in that case start your Airport transfer with time ahead.

Train – Barcelona Airport Train, R2 Nord, 4,10 euro/ person
The train is a comfortable way to reach the airport if you don’t have too many luggage, because, depending the hour, could be crowded and is no extra space for the luggage’s.
There are 2 trains per hour from the both direction with 25 minutes between them. From Barcelona to Airport you can have it between 5:08-23:07 and from Airport it starts at 5:42 until 23:38 and the journey last around 30 minutes. Very important to have in mind if you leave from Barcelona, that the Airport train is R2 Nord, not R2. In case you’ll take the R2 (without Nord) you can get off at El Prat de Llobregat and change for R2 Nord.
The train stops in: El Clot, Passeige de Gracia, Estacio Sants and Airport T2. In case your departure is from T1 is necessary to find the free shuttle buses that connect Terminal 1 with Terminal 2. Passeig de Gracia and Estacio Sants are big rail station; make sure you have enough time to find the platform. The train system is very efficient if you need to travel to different regions. It is also conected with the Metro system.
To buy ticket from airport, 1 single ticket will cost you 4,10 euro. You can do it from the machines (by card or cash) and always is a RENFE personal there who help in case is needed.

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