Photo Walking Tours Barcelona Best places, unique photos!

Taking photos in Barcelona is a easy task after you do this walking tour.

This is a very enjoyable tour regardless of your proficiency as a photographer, and you won’t need, a fancy camera or lots of technical knowledge.” Christina from London, UK

As our customer Christina points out it in her review in this photo experience you do not need a fancy camera. You will l betaking photos in Barcelona with any type of camera and they will be just great.

Whit any type of camera you can improve your photo skills and you can have beautiful and unique photos. Your personal input will bloom, your point of view will change and you’ll see it in your photos.

Do not let the device determine your photos. Taking photos in Barcelona is the funniest way to enjoy your day.

The person behind the camera is more important than the camera itself, that is our philosophy.

We do not say that the technology is not helping and important, without technique it is difficult to let your creativity flow. But we think the most important is to uses the technology as a tool for your own development.

Our proposal with this activity is to activate your personal input having a technical base. We’ll play games, will have contests and will learn how to do the best with what we have. No matter what camera. It’s over with the excuses; you will do unique photos in your vacations from now on.

If you have a DSLR camera or any type of professional one, you can be part of this interesting experience too. Just let us know what your focus is and we will definitely have some tips and tricks for you in order to improve your photo-taking ability. Andrei is a professional guide as well as a photography teacher with a PhD in Social Photography. In Barcelona he is teaching in a few Photography Centers how to handle alternative analogical techniques like Lith Printing.

If you want to be part of Photo Walking Tours Barcelona experience do not forget that the booking is mandatory. You can do it easily sending us an e-mail with your: availability during your stay in Barcelona. What camera you have? how many persons you come with? and whether you have you some specific expectations?

The meeting point is in front of the Santa Caterina Market (Mercado Santa Caterina). We wait there for you at 15:00. The Photo Walking Tour Barcelona will start at 15:00 in front of the Santa Eulalia Cathedral.

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