Barcelona art on Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Barcelona art scene during Barcelona Gallery Weekend.

This October in Barcelona we celebrate the 5th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend, reaffirming its engagement with the Barcelona art and culture scene of the city.

If you are an arts lover and if you are in Barcelona on October 10 to 13, most probably I bring good news from you. Take a look on Barcelona Gallery Weekend program and draw your route to Barcelona art & culture life.

To make an idea, 27 galleries and 5 public places will exhibit the works of more than 50 national and international artists, from the historical avant-garde to the latest trends in contemporary art.

*the full list of galleries: 3 Punts Gallery, ADN Gallery,  Alalimón Gallery , ÀMBIT Art Gallery, Ana Mas Projects, Angels Barcelona, Aurora Art Gallery, Artur Ramon Art, Bombon projects, Dieecke Santiago Barcelona, Dilalica, Espai Tactel, etHALL, Galeria, Carles Taché, Contrast Barcelona Gallery, Joan Prats Gallery, Marc Domènech Gallery,  Toni Tàpies Gallery, L&B gallery, Mayoral, NoguerasBlanchard, Palmadotze Art Gallery, Pigment Gallery, Rocio Santa Cruz, Sala Parés, Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo,Galería Zielinsky

* Public spaces: Barcelona Nautical club, Itinerant-  Ciutadella  Park, Colon Monument,  Manufactures Passage, Pandere bridge in

You have several ways to discover and enjoy the Barcelona art scene this long weekend of artistic interventions in public spaces, offering the local and international public free guided tours, special events and a complete program of activities.

Barcelona art during Barcelona gallery Weekend

Check the Activities Agenda of this Barcelona art and culture event this October 2019.

The 1st activity will be on Wednesday October 9th from 17:00 to 21:00; Symposium: Towards new role of the curator: challenges and limits on Espronceda Center for Art & Culture. From Thursday October 10th  starting with 12:30 until Sunday 13th you can participate on guided tours, presentations, inaugurations, conversations, see more here.

Highlights in our opinion:

– Inauguration of the exhibitions in the participating galleries: Artur Ramon Art, L&B Gallery y Galería Zielinsky – Thursday at 18:30

–        Diogo Pimentão performance in RocioSantaCruz- Thursday at 19:00

–        “The Tempest Society” projection and conversation between Bouchra Khalili and Carles Guerra at Antoni Tapie foundation on Friday at 16:30

–        Performance “Poetic action” by Cynthia Fusillo on Contract Gallery on Saturday at 12:00

–        Brunch y visitas a las exposiciones: Ana Mas Projects, etHall, NouguerasBlanchard fron 12 to 16 on Saturday

–        Performance by Itziar Okariz at etHall, Saturday at 18:00

–        Jazz concert and guided visit by Rocio Verdejo on Saturday at 19:00 to 20:30

Another way to enjoy this Barcelona art and culture event is by Artévete program.

During the Barcelona Gallery Weekend celebratio Artévete offer a program of meetings and guided tours. They aim is to bring the art world closer to all those interested in art and its purchase. They want to fall apart the concept that art is only for rich people. That´s why during them tours you can hear the stories of art collectors and you can see private or public art collections. If you want to take part, feel free to submit your request here

Also you can have a look in their program.

And the 3rd way of enjoying this Barcelona art event is by participating on ARCO Gallery Walk on Saturday and/or Sunday. Previous inscription required.

On Saturday October 12th you can choose for 10 different tour in all Barcelona, Metropolitan zone, Eixample (4 different routes), Gracia quarter, Poble Nou quarter and Ciutatvella.

If you are a morning person at 11:00 AM start the first tour on Metropolitan area. Prepare yourself for 2 and half hours of walking in 6 art gallery; this is the biggest route in the program. If you like to enjoy your morning don´t worry as you´ll has different tours options starting at 12:00 / 15:00 / 16:00 / 18:00. Most of them have a 2 hours duration and you´ll visit 3 or 4 galleries.

Sunday October 13th will gives you the opportunity to repeat a tour in case you love it so much or see another one if the day before didn´t allowed you. Today we have 6 tours options to do in Metropolitan area, Eixampele, Ciutatvella, Gracia and Poble Nou quarters.

Check the full program with the tours. And don´t forget is mandatory your previous inscription by mailing at:

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