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To do in Barcelona June 2019

Beside of nice weather and the first days of summer, in Barcelona this month you will have plenty of events where you can take unforgettable photos and capture unique moments.

Bellow you can learn all about what to do in Barcelona this June 2019.

An inside view of what you can do in Barcelona JUNE 2019, once of them are FREE

6th to 10th June – foodie festival Tast a Las Rambla.

The culinary festival Tast a La Rambla celebrates its sixth edition from 6th  to 10th of June, consolidated as a must for all gastronomy fans. The fair will feature the participation of the best stoves in the city. About fifty restaurants scattered in different areas on the Rambla de Santa Mónica: signature cuisine, traditional cuisine, tapas and dishes and pastry shops.

Ticket: FREE

8th to 9th June;  Matsuri Traditional Japanese Festival in Barcelona.

If you want to taste Japanese culture and tradition come at the Moll de la Fusta between 12 noon and 9 pm; you can get close to Japanese culture without leaving Barcelona. Enjoy live music and traditional Japanese dances as well as its gastronomy, fashion and traditional toys. A festival for all ages and a good photo opportunity for you!

Artists who will participate in the 2019 edition:

Natsuko Sugano (drummer of the group Sado ga Shimai).

Chieko Kojima (popular Japanese dances).

Naito Tetsuro and Tomoko Takeda (from the Dongara Tomorou group, they will play the Taiko).

Ako Tomine (traditional Japanese folk songs accompanied by accordion).

Rai Tateishi (will play the Shinobue and the Nôkan, which are transverse flutes).

Shogo Yoshii (specialist in Taiko drum, flute Fue and violin Kokyu).

Ticket: FREE

8th  June; Fifty years of the Castellers of Barcelona.

Come to see how the famous Human Tower is built. Don´t forget to bring your camera!

On June 8th  Barcelona will celebrate exactly half a century of the first pillar of quarter red rose in the Vendrell. And this very day the Castellers of Barcelona will celebrate it with a commemorative festival in the Plaza de Sant Jaume (6:00 pm). If you are interested to see with your own eyes one of the most important Catalan tradition, be at the City Hall square with half an hour ahead as will be crowded.

Ticket: FREE

8th to 10th June – Los Cors Muts

3 days full of color and party in Barceloneta and Raval quarter.

If you like to take street photography and funny situations, here is the place to be with your camera.

Every year for Pentecost, you can see humorous groupings parade through the streets of Barceloneta disguised and bland objects of an excessive size. The members of the coral dance through the streets of the neighborhood wearing the emblem of their group under a rain of confetti.

 You can see them Saturday 8th in the morning (from 8 AM to 12PM) and Monday afternoon (starting with 5 PM).

 Ticket: FREE

14th to 16th JUNE – Moto GP

As every year you can enjoy a spectacular motorbike race at Circuit de Barcelona, in the town of Montmelo – 25 km north of Barcelona. Here you can buy your ticket for 1 or 3 days, also you have discount for seniors and packs for families.

20th to 23rd JUNE – Corpus Christi and “Ou com Balla

The Corpus Christi is dating from 14th century making it one of the oldest known celebrations in Barcelona. It takes place 60 days after Easter Sunday and this year we´ll be celebrated from 20th to 23 th of June. Sunday, in front of the Cathedral, you can be part of the mass following by a main parade where you´lll find the paper-mache Giants and Beasts dancing. But the most unusual and popular event when we celebrate Corpus in Barcelona is Ou com balla translated to “the dancing egg”. The Cathedral fountain is decorated with flowers and cherries and at the top of the spurting water it is an egg that you will see it dancing joyfully during these 4 full days.

Ticket: FREE

23rd June – Sant Joan´s Night

As every year, The night of San JuanSummer Solstice – will be held in the city with all kinds of activities, parties and, above all, many fireworks and fireworks. We can say that is one of the craziest nights of the summer season as thousands of firecrackers will explode every minute all night long. A classic option is to go to the beaches of Barcelona, ​​where thousands of people celebrate San Juan until the sun rises.

Beside all that noise and party also we celebrate Sant Joan night with massive bonfire that symbolizes the renewal and purification. Is not a single bonfire, normally are several, each neighborhood organize his own bonfire but, one more time, on Barceloneta are the most impressive one.

As we are crazy with pastry, obvious we have a special one for this celebration called Coca de Sant Joan, normally we eat it on the night of the 23rd.

Ticket: FREE

If you have an expensive camera, think twice if you´ll take it with you, as you never know how this night will end.

28th to 29th –   Barcelona Gay Pride

A event full of color, diversity and fun. This year´s edition is dedicated to families as LOVE is the concept that transpires.

The Pride Parade will take place on Saturday 9th and start at 6 PM from Jardins de les Tres Xemeneis going to Av Parallel and ends at Plaza Espanya. Everyone can join it! Also are a lot of activities for kids (if you travel with your family). On the program you have also concerts, games, water fights and a lot of parties.

Ticket: FREE

Last but not list; have a look in our photo tour Take Photos Like a PRO if you want to take unforgettable photos in Barcelona.

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