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Alternative plans to do in Barcelona July 2019

The summer is already here, the Barcelona beaches are crowded, on the streets you can find all kind of people but also Barcelona welcomes us with plenty of Festivals, Concerts, Free movies in open air spaces. Following you will find alternative plans of what to do in Barcelona July 2019, perfect to be captured in your photos holidays.

Some event are FREE of charge; Next you can see which ones are free and also you can see the prices for the others.

Plans to do in Barcelona July 2019, some of them are for FREE

☑ From 2nd to 18 th July – Els Vespres festival at Barcelona University Garden.

Festival in a budget. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00 to 23:30.

Free admission.

☑ From 3rd to 6 th July – Cruilla Festival at Park Forum. Full program and prices here.

4 days full with music (Garbage remembers me of my adolescence, ZAZ of my first days at office and  Seu Jorge of my 1st friend I made in Barcelona), activities, talks (storytelling “Historical Women”; Khalida Popal – the 1st women´s football team of Afganistan; MaceloD2 and comedy shows  – how to fight populism with culture) and comedy (Friday 4th from 18:45 to 2:00 and Saturday 6th from 19:00 to 1:45)

☑ From 4 th to 7 th July we have rock and roll in Barcelona. Rock Festival Barcelona brings us famous names and rock legends like ZZT, Leo Jimenez and much more.

Here is the full program. You can purchase 1 Day ticket or passes for all 4 days. For those that have 4 day passes and want to get the wristband before, they can do it on Fnac starting with Tuesday July 2nd from 10:30 to 20:30.

☑ From 18 th to 20 th July; Music, Creativity and Technology on Sonar Festival.

The 26th edition of Sonar Festival arrives in Barcelona this summer with the most on trend DJ. Here is the full program.

After the sun goes down on Sónar by Day the action continues across town at the epic venue for Sónar by Night, where the best producers and Dj’s in the world keep the party going until the sun comes up again. 

Also you have the chance to attend a FREE show, part of the festival, underground, at Arc de Triomf metro station on Friday 5th July at 8 PM. This year’s show will be performed by the Barcelona producer MANS O, playing a number of tracks from his recent triple album “Three Stages of Change Appreciation”.

☑ From 11th to 28th July, on MNAC you can play, dance and perform on White Bouncy Castle. You are invited to the museum to enjoy the White Bouncy Castle (a white inflatable castle, 45 m long), a choreographic object designed by dancers and choreographers William Forsythe and Dana Caspersen.

The installation inevitably gets visitors involved in the kinetic idiosyncrasy of the White Bouncy Castle, a place where there are no spectators, only participants. The choreography that appears, accompanied by Joel Ryan’ssoundtrack, is the result of complete physical destabilization and the resulting social absurdity, the euphoria of the contagious and, in some cases, addictive situation.

Admission: 2 euros

☑ From 4th to 14th July 2019 Barcelona will experience the world’s largest event comprising all the world championship roller sports disciplines as regulated by the World Skate international federation – World Roller Games Barcelona 2019.

During eleven days intensive competition, the World Roller Games will see more than 4,000 athletes in action and will crown the world’s best in eleven very diverse disciplines such as Alpine, Artistic, Roller Freestyle, Downhill, Inline Freestyle, Inline Hockey, Rink Hockey, Roller Derby, Scooter, Speed and Skateboarding. Check the website for full program and prices.

☑ From 21st July until 27th September you can listen as much Blues as you want at Poble Español at “Noches de Blues”. Starting from 21st July, if you are a blues lover, every Thursday you can listen different artists on Poble Español, here the list with all the details.

This month we have 2 popular parties: Raval quarter & Poble Sec.

☑ From 12th to 16th July we have Raval Quarter PartyFesta Major Del Raval.

These celebrations are made in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, patron of the main parish of the neighborhood. During 4 days the streets will be full with activities and events. There will be music, dance, children´s activities, popular meals, giant, devils, and theater.

Free admission

☑ From 19th to 28th July we have another popular celebration, the Poble Sec neighborhood annual party – Festa Major Del PobleSec. The Poble Sec is a popular quarter of Barcelona belonging to the district Sants-Montjuïc and is located between the Plaça d’Espanya, the Avinguda del Parallel and Ronda del Litoral.  At this event you can enjoy all kinds of activities; from Castellers – a catalan culture symbol until live music, concert, workshops and popular diner.

Free admission

Cinema on Open Air

This summer you have 3 options to enjoy a nice movie in a cool and nice atmosphere.

☑ On Saturdays starting from 29th June until 23rd September we have Mecal Air Festivals at the Design Museum.

This is the longest-running outdoor cinema and this is the 11th edition. On Mecal Air you can see some of the best short films of this year, on each night will be different themed sessions as Voyage Voyage, Comedy, Erotic and Horror.

For full program check the link.

Free admission


☑ From 28th June until 2nd August – Open-air cinema at the Montjuic castle. This open-air cinema is already a classical in Barcelona agenda as is at his 9th season. Live music, short films, program variety, accessible price, beautiful location are some of this event highlights

For full program and prices check here.


☑ From 27th June until 1st August every Thursday you can enjoy a movie on Barcelona beach. Bring some snacks, a towel, your bath suite and a good company as durring Thursdays starting at 21:00 you have planes on Sant Sebastia beach in Barcelona. You can see alternatives movies produced in Spain, France, USA and Russia. For full program and details check this.

Free admission

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