Barcelona Photography route

Barcelona photography route, summer 2019.

As for some of us the summer doesn’t mean just beach and cocktails we came with Barcelona photography route proposal for these month. You have the chance to see: contemporary photographers, famous artist in the working environment or how Barcelona changed in the last years.

In that case if you are a photography freak visiting Barcelona this summer, here is the Barcelona photography route for you.

We start our Barcelona photography route with one of the most famous Spanish artist.

Do you want to immerse yourself into Pablo Picasso´s universe? If so, this photography exhibition “Picasso, the Photographer´s Gaze” will ride you in his universe. There you can see diverse facets of a creator who is at the same time author, model, witness and spectator of his work and life. This photographic tour from studio to studio aims to show the multidisciplinary richness of Picasso´s work. You have a chronological journey based on thematic focuses; sculpture, painting and drawing in relation with photography.  This exhibition presents more than a hundred vintage photo prints.

The price from temporary exhibition in 6,50 euro and you can visit it on:

Mondays- from 10 AM to 5 PM

Tuesday to Sunday – from 9 AM to 8:30 PM

Thursday – from 9Am to 9:30 PM

Here you have the entire information about this “Picasso, the Photographer´s Gaze”

Our second proposal from Barcelona photography route is about a contemporary artist born in United Kingdom in 1966. On Mapfre Foundation you can see a very nice photo exhibition that combines tradition and contemporary on the same photography “Richard Learoyd. The Silence of the Camea Obscura”

Richard Learoyd creates unique and captivating photos offering as a very personal approach. His photos are the result of an artisan process with an obscure camera built by him. His work makes multiple references and winks to classic painting, which undoubtedly fans of art History will enjoy discover. Richard Learoyd (UK, 1966) is one of the most well-known contemporary photographers working today. The exhibition includes 51 works from the last 10 years and all are part of important public and private collections. Richard Leoaryd´s work mainly consists of portraits of clothed or nude models but also he worked with other topics like: animal, landscap or dark mirror photography.

The exhibition end in Barcelona on September 8 and here you have detailed info about “Richard Learoyd. The Silence of the Camera Obscura”

Barcelona photography route proposal no 3 option is FotoColectania with “The Beauty of Lines” exhibition, where you enjoy a selection of masterpieces from the history of photography.

The visitor is invited to experience the power of the photographic line through these sublime works. The collection is present in 3 sections: Straight lines – From the controlled to the spontaneous line; Curved lines – The essence of bodies and of the line; Abstract – The line in its purest form. You have the chance to see photographs by Robert Adams, Walker Evans, Rineke Dijkstra, Man Ray, Berenie Abbott and Lee Friedlander, among other.

First Sunday of the month – Free admission

Shared ticket 5 euros to visit the exhibition “Richard Learoyd. The Silence of the Camera Obscura” of Mapfre Foundation and “The Beauty of lines” – check more details Foto Colectania Foundation

The 4rd stop on Barcelona photography route for this summer is Palau de la Virreina we have a photo exhibition that talks about Barcelona nowadays and how is transforming it. “New Angles: Scenes of the Renovation of Plaҫa de la Gardunya, Barcelona; 2005-2018” is a complex project that tracks the transformation process on Plaҫa de la Gardunya.”

As the title indicates, the idea of a progressive and temporal organization is inspired by Walter benjamin´s “angle of story”. The exhibition start with the arrival of the first inhabitants of the flat in 2017 and 2018 and ends with the oldest picture of the behind the market in 2005.

The exhibition in FREE of charge.

Palau de la Virreina is placed on Las Rambla, near plaҫa Boqueria, click on the current exhibition for more info.

On MANC (Museum Nacional D´Art de Catalunya) you have the chance to see the first major retrospective exhibition of the work of Barcelona photographer Oriol Maspons; 1949-1995 “Oriol Maspons, Useful Photography”.

This photographic journey present more than 40 years of intense activity in multiple field like reportage, portrait, fashion and advertising. Oriol Maspons played an important role in the renewal of photographic language in Spain in the 1950s and 1960s.

You can visit it for FREE every Sunday after 15:00 or with the ticket every other day, you can buy it from MNAC

 “Different Trains” is the temporary exhibition that you will find on Miro Foundation until October 6th. In 1988, the North American Steve Reich, one of the leading figures of minimalism, composed piece about the Jewish Holocaust. Almost thirty years later, this video work by Beatriz Caravaggio confers visual life on the score interpreted by the Kronos quarter.

Free admission with the general ticket to the Joan Miro Foundation

Last but not list in our Barcelona photography route is Art Santa Monica cultural center that you´ll find just on the main street Las Rambla. Art Santa Monica host this summer 3 photo and video exhibitions:

A parallel word” commissioned by Joan Fontcuberta will be available until September 15th

Echo images. Isaki Laucesta” commissioned by Carme Sais you can see it until September 15th

AUTOGEO” a photo video installation by Matei Glass will be in Barcelona until September 8th

If you want to meet an artist in flesh and bones with all his ideas and expertise; you are welcome to meet Andrei Farcasanu photographer. He runs our photo experience in Gothic quarter “Take Photos Like a PRO” where shows you basics techniques that will make the difference in your photos. As our clients told us on TripAdvisor or AirBnB that tour is: personal, fun, no previous experience need “more than I expected”.

Contact us for your 10% discount & Free admission for kids under 12.

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