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Gracia Festival, one of the most photogenic spots in Barcelona, from August 15th until 21st.

I´m saying this is a very good photo opportunity as this colorful street festival offers you an amount of photogenic spots in Barcelona.

Every year, for 1 week, starting on August 15th, Gracia district is transforming and converting in a graphic storyteller. Their streets are decorated with beautiful figures created by neighbors  during months of handwork using recycled materials. The annual Gracia  Festival, together with La Merce Festival (in September) are the biggest and important street parties in Barcelona. All the decorations are unique; every street tells you a different story and all are handmade by neighbors. It is all about joy, community and beauty; that´s why it makes it a unique photogenic spot in Barcelona.

Basically entire quarter is a playground for street photography.

Gracia Festival has the origins date back to the 19th century, are already over 200 years old since this crazy happy event started to happen. This popular party is known for its huge decorations of the streets made by neighbors and receives hundreds of people that enjoy it – prepare yourself for crowded small Spanish streets and squares.

The concept of Gràcia festival is that the streets in the neighborhood compete to win the prize of being the best decorated street. You need to be prepared also to find party and live concerts. Every night you find different concerts from blues and swing, to rock and reggae.

It is a very nice party for family too as you have a lot of workshops during the day. Some of them are for kids, some are open to adults to. You can try different types of dance classes as Bollywood, Lindy Hop, Creative dance or Swing. Or,if you don´t like to move your body and prefer another types of activity… well… you can participate at painting workshops, building a 3D tower (1st Antonio Gaudi chimney) T-shirt handmade, soap foam fight, Yoga open class.

Yes, is a big popular party with a lot of activities for all tastes. Here you can find the full program, unfortunately is not translate in English but a Google Translation does a great job.

As I love the surprises, I´ll not reveal all the secrets of this Festival, you need to discover something by yourself tJJ. But will look over our 3 most photogenic spot in Barcelona during this big festival.

1.Photogenic spots in Barcelona during Grarcia Festival, 1st proposal – wondering on these beautiful streets. Take your camera and start to play. Here you have plenty of decorations ready to be in your photos.

You can capture the details:

Or the street atmosphere:

Or just do funny photos with your friends

2. Photogenic spots in Barcelona during Gracia Festival, 2nd proposal – parades. You have 5 parades to choose from: Mati de Festa Major; Cercavila de Festa Major; Cercavila de Sant Roc; Cerrcavia de la Convidada and Giants Parade.

TIPS: Find a good spot in front of the parade. Helps if you arrive a little earlier

3. Photogenic spots in Barcelona during Gracia Festival, 3rd proposal – Fire Run or “correfocs”. You will see dragons made from papier-mâché which bring out flame and the devils will spread thousands of sparkling fireworks.

TIP: Bring with you long sleeves blouse, cover your hair and your camera lens. Are fireworks all over the place and is better to be protected.

What to expect from Gracia district? Gracia is an area of up-town Barcelona famous for its bohemian atmosphere, bustling squares and vibrant local place.

You can reach it by Metro (Fontana station – green line L3 & Joanic station – yellow line L4).

And if you want to find elementary photo tips that make the difference in your photos, check more details here: Take Photos Like a PRO

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